About The Game

Happy Wheels is a game developed by Jim Bonacci. Even though the full version of the game is available only at official website,you can enjoy the unblocked demo version here.

Your Mission

To succeed in Happy Wheels you have to reach finish by all means.At the beginning of the game you have to choose your character and start the bloody race.


[Arrow Keys] - Direction.
[Z] = Eject
[SPACE] = Primary Action
[Shift] & [Control] = Secondary actions

More Information

Happy Wheels is one of the most famous racing games today. The main reason why this game is so popular is the big variety of different characters. Keep in mind that all of them have different vehicles and those vehicles are a bit unusual for a traditional racing game - for example you will find a wheelchair guy who has a turbo engine in his wheelchair and others. I will recommend you also to try a Level Editor - you can create your own custom maps using it. Have some fun with us

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